13 08 02 Feeding Swans in Prague

Here are the GPS coordinates where you can feed the Swans 50.088785,14.411133 Here’s the Google Maps http://goo.gl/seL9m Some tips. Leave dogs at home. Dogs and swans don’t mix well. Please discourage children from chasing swans. Don’t crowd up too close to the water’s edge. If you stand back aways, the swans will waddle up to you for treats. Important: Make sure the treat is large enough for the swan to take it from you without biting down on your fingers. Swans have a very sharp nail on the top beak that overhangs the lower beak. You might not notice this until you feel a nasty prang to your top finger because your treat is too dainty. After several visits, certain swans will get to know you. However, petting is not advised. Once I felt a pull on the backside of my photographer’s vest. I thought ‘your pocket is being picked.’ I turned around, and sure enough it was, a swan, feeling neglected, was tugging on the vest. Swans really love Czech Rohliky. http://goo.gl/8aDC7W. They’re a lunch staple and are very cheap at any supermarket or convenience store. It’s easy to tear them in swan bitsize pieces