142 09 27 Aida & Jackie

Aida, our seven year old white Golden Retriever female, has just recovered from a breast cancer operation. Aida works every day in our office. Recently a colleague started bringing her Jack Russell girl puppy, “Jackie,” to work. Behind our office in Prague, Czech Republic, we have a small back yard. Aida and Jackie have bonded, becoming ‘best friends.’ They have a curious way of showing their close friendship. Jackie is very good for Aida, she’ll keep Aida young. Both are bossy boots. Filmed with the new Sony HXR NX30, the camcorder with built-in ‘steady cam.’

2 Responses to “142 09 27 Aida & Jackie”

  1. Frank Eibl says:

    It’s so nice to see Aida back running and playing again. Glad that she survived the surgery and is again able to enjoy life. YAY!

  2. bergamote says:

    Both so lovely……

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