09 04 15 Trailer for Double Czech 2009

Below is the Trailer for my soon to be released, identical twin DVD, Double Czech 2009: Stay Tuned for more news! Below is the link to our Newsletter Archives Newsletter Archives Please visit our main site: http://www.williamhiggins.com
A note about aspect ratio: The player above shows the videos in their correct aspect ratio: widescreen 16×9. However, when you press ‘full screen,’ if your monitor is basically square shaped, the aspect ratio will be more square, 4×3. The best way to solve this problem is to click the download icon on the player and view the video on a player client. The following players will play the videos ‘full screen’ in their correct aspect ratio: Adobe Media Player, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player and Nero Showtime are among the players that will work.

7 Responses to “09 04 15 Trailer for Double Czech 2009”

  1. ed says:

    Great twins video again to follow the double czech 1.
    Have you ever tried to work with the hungarian Mangiatti twins yet?
    I thought it’d be so hot to see you making a video with them as you’re not afraid of crossing boundaries/tabus.
    And they are for the sure the hottest and handsome twins out there.
    I hope to something with them coming by you in the near future 😉

  2. ben says:

    These twins aren’t as cute as the Bartok brothers, but they ARE attractive and they do look very cute in the shower together. It looks like the twins also have a LOT more sexual contact in this version of the film… LOVE the fact that they kiss each other with their tongues… Soooooo hot! Bring on the DC trilogy Mr Higgins….

  3. Norm says:

    Double your pleasure double your fun with double boy toys.

  4. habercrasper says:

    WOW! Double czech is my favorite adult film of all. Now a sequel! I am absolutley thrilled. Twins fascinate me, and the sex they have is so incredible to watch.
    Pre-ordered mine today!
    Thank you

  5. renato says:

    Sexualisimo esse video, gostaria de poder ver todo ele, abração…

  6. renato says:

    Sexualissimo esse video, gostaria de poder asistilo por inteiro, abração…

  7. Lycan says:

    For some strange reason this is EXTREMELY HOTTTTT to me……I want it!

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