10 01 27 Training of Vilem Paskal by Thomas Dyk

[table id=132 /] Last week Thomas Dyk gave us another virtuoso performance in the training of Vilem Paskel. Vilem had never lost his cherry and offered to let Thomas take it in front of our cameras. Before we started, I told Thomas, I want you to just keep on fucking, I’ll say ‘change’ when we have enough of one position, you change positions without stopping. Thomas liked that idea. And, boy, did he every keep on fucking non stop. This is a director’s paradise, not necessarily a cameraman’s paradise as there are no pauses to light different positions. Thomas made it easy for Boris and me. He never blocked the light and really threw it to Vilem. This ranks as one of the better shoots of my career. And the fact it was Vilem’s first time, made it even better. Please look at the low quality teaser video. HD quality will be posted on our website. Click Here to Download This Video Webmasters and Bloggers, feel free to embed the above video on your site. Below is the link to our Newsletter Archives Newsletter Archives Please visit our main site: http://www.williamhiggins.com Our site contains more originally produced gay content than any other site, bar none. 95 percent of our models are 100% Straight.! So, if you want to see Straight Guys having sex with other guys, we’re the place. We have a Very Special Membership Offer to our William Higgins site for Blog Readers: Join Now and receive a massive $49.95 Gift Certificate for Burn Your Own DVDs or HD Video downloads. Here’s what you do: After you’ve joined our site by clicking the link below, send your confirmation email from the credit card processor to “sales@wh.cz” include the coupon code “BLOGGIVAWAY” and we’ll reply with your gift certificate and download instructions. Simples. But Hurry, Offer Limited!

4 Responses to “10 01 27 Training of Vilem Paskal by Thomas Dyk”

  1. ddxc says:

    Full stop at 00:07. Is it only for me?

  2. HI, problem was a crashed upload. Video was uploaded again. Should be OK now.

  3. Norm says:

    What a guy and performance is great.

  4. Juvenal says:

    Bill, do you remember Josef Komar’s vocalizing during sex. You, and I, found it special because it seemed genuine. So also with this boy, Vilem. It makes the scene all the more erotic. I’m back lookng at this video,having watched it of course for Thomas, becuse of Vilem’s appearance in the newsletter. You’ve found the perfect pair for me, here. Thomas and Vilem! Hope we see more of them together. (And paying a little attention to their shared beautiful feet…)

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